Project and Construction Management

Perhaps you have a corporate limitation on permanent head count, or an unexpected departure of an employee now requires a void to be immediately filled.  Riverside Resources can supplement your permanent staff for short or long durations with an experienced temporary Project or Construction Manager to help you successfully achieve your capital project goals and site needs.  We will function as an integral part of your team, providing the management systems, methods and oversight needed for a successful project completion.  Since the roles and responsibilities of Project Managers are truly unique to each situation and due to the broadness of Project Management services we can offer, please contact us directly for a confidential review of your needs.  Together, we can assist you in establishing the skill sets required. 

A sampling of the services that we can provide, which also apply to Project Engineering roles for small and medium projects, include:

  •  Project Scope development and methods to control scope growth
  •  Procurement Procedures (equipment and services)
  •  Contractor Selections (strategy, bidding process, qualifications, contract negotiations)
  •  Internal and external action item management
  •  Project Scheduling
  •  Safety and Logistics planning
  •  Document Control (drawings, specifications, project correspondence)
  •  Engineer and CM communications (submittals, transmittals, Requests For Information)
  •  Third Party Inspections
  •  Field Quality Control (surveillances, punchlist management, field inspections)
  •  Cost Control and Change Order Management
  •  Site selection, environmental permitting, and utility services contracts for new sites
  •  Estimating and budgeting
  •  Technical reviews and recommendations

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