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Program Management

Riverside can help you achieve "big picture" program goals by supplementing your permanent staff for short or long durations. The roles and responsibilities of Program Managers are truly unique to each situation, and require a more holistic or broad based approach for successful implementation of specific objectives from launching new products to addressing regulatory commitments.   We would be glad to assist you in establishing the skill sets required and provide either a temporary Program Manager or support personnel to help augment your existing staff's talent.  Due to the broad nature of what Program Managers do, we can offer specialized services and would invite you to contact us directly for a confidential review of your needs.

Some examples of Program Management skills might include:

  •     Developing detailed program scopes, venture studies, & decision analyses
  •     Generating preliminary budget and cost forecasts
  •     Establishing meaningful engagement with multidisciplinary teams for program development
  •     Developing strategies for program execution amongst interdisciplinary teams across multiple sites, if needed
  •     Performing technical reviews, studies, and presenting summary results
  •     Completing interactive planning sessions across entire platform teams
  •     Building schedules for presentation and execution to encompass strategic paths to program success
  •     Interacting with senior leadership to present articulate and concise summaries of strategies
  •     Implementing and coordinating program requirements through team involvement

Riverside Resources team members have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a strong understanding of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Validation which has enabled them to lead or assist our clients in:

  • Generating and/or summarizing feasibility study data, including cost and budget analysis, for presentation to Project Review Board, Long Range Planning, Technical Review Board or other Governance Committees for key decision making gates.
  • Assisting with venture team studies to vet alternative options for commercial pursuit.
  • Interpreting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and validation protocols to understand the program requirements and support the management of program objectives.
  • Fostering meaningful engagement between core team, extended team, and senior management and coordinating effective utilization of resources to launch new products to market and address regulatory commitments on schedule.